[Ranoris]: i can
To [Ranoris]: I am in stormwind thanks
[Ranoris]: u gotta do something for me tho
To [Ranoris]: ?
[Ranoris]: just answer questions
To [Ranoris]: ok..
[Ranoris]: not right now cause im busy
To [Ranoris]: ok
[Ranoris]: but i can message u another time To
[Ranoris]: sure I am leveling to 70
[Ranoris]: its just about dk
To [Ranoris]: sure
[Ranoris]: ty
To [Ranoris]: I will be top DK on server when I am 70 do not worrie
To [Ranoris]: My Feral cat druid plays on a controller and barses 120k every raid
To [Ranoris]: a ps2 controller.
[Ranoris]: oh really
To [Ranoris]: Yea they are so ez it is not fun to play
[Ranoris]: they look fun
To [Ranoris]: they are fun if you do not like being good
[Ranoris]: that was this expansion u played feral?
To [Ranoris]: No cata

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